Gluten-Free Resources for Everyday People

We are learning more and more about why going gluten-free is the best option for your health. Changes in diets have been shown to reduce disease, decrease inflammation (the cause of disease) and even improve disorders such as autism, schizophrenia and attention-deficit disorder. Current research shows that gluten can cause an autoimmune response even in those people without celiac disease.

For a great initial overview of the damage that gluten can do to all of us, we recommend this article on PaleoLeap.

Of course, there has been a large change over the years in how gluten and wheats are manufactured. We have also all heard of the people who cannot tolerate modern-day wheat—yet tolerate “ancient grains”. The Whole Grains Council defines “ancient grains” as those that have been largely unchanged in the past 100 years.
Not only is wheat grown differently (and encouraged to grow more quickly to increase the amount harvested on the same land) these days, but also many additives and preservatives are added to make our wheat last longer on shelves.

Wheat has been found to have large addictive qualities and is an appetite-stimulant. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and binds to the brain’s morphine receptor, creating endorphins. According to Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist and author of “Wheat Belly”, the drug Naloxone, used to reverse the effects of opiates, also blocks wheat from binding to this receptor. People aren’t kidding when they say that they feel addicted to pizza, breads, etc. It is truly an effect that wheat can have on the brain. But perhaps even more telling is the withdrawal from wheat that people can feel when they first exclude it from their diet and more importantly, the disappearance of fatigue, brain-fog and more when a diet without gluten is maintained.

We encourage all our patients to go gluten-free. Along with their chiropractic care, dietary changes not only improve their lives and promote healing, but help any medical care become more effective. Below are some resources to help you start or maintain your gluten-free journey for better health and wellness.

Gluten Free Recommendations
by West Suburban Wellness

When cooking, use rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, millet and gluten-free oats instead of wheat grains.

GF Food
Canyon Bakehouse – the best tasting gluten-free bread! (coupon here)
Glutino – the best bagels
Glutenfreeda – gluten free oatmeal
Bionaturae – gluten free pasta
Saffron Road – gluten free chicken tenders
Udi’s – all kinds of gluten free products, frozen pizzas
Kind Granola – gluten free granola & snack bars
Nature’s Path – frozen items, waffles, cereals, etc
Pamela’s – pancake mix & baking mixes
Schar – french bread loaves

GF Fresh Meal Delivery of Ingredients and Recipes
Hello Fresh (offers GF options, please read meal descriptions, use link for $40 off)

GF Websites
Gluten Free Businesses– find gluten free businesses
Budget Friendly Recipes – budget-friendly gluten free recipes
Dessert Recipes – gluten free dessert recipes

GF Apps
ShopWell – scan foods while shopping to find out if they have gluten in them
Find Me GF – finds local businesses that are gluten free (app and website)
Green Kitchen – gluten free recipes
Gluten Free Registry– to restaurants with gluten free menus

GF Grocers
Costco, Fresh Thyme, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Mariano’s, Target

GF Bakeries
Directory (and maps) of gluten free bakeries

GF Products/Supplements
TruVision RePlace – chocolate & vanilla meal replacement shakes
TruVision Supplements– supplements and essential oils

GF Books
Wheat Belly – Dr. William Davis
Grain Brain – Dr. David Purlmutter

Gluten Sensitivity Testing
Entero Lab