Engage the Power of Your Mind for Healthy Weight Loss

By Christa King, CEO of Fitlandia

You all know what it’s like when your mind is “in the zone.” You’re focused, relaxed, and on target. The act of day dreaming, meditation, prayer, and even hypnosis all have a similar impact on the brain; they help to slow down the activity, get you relaxed and focused so that you’re able to gain insight or change a behavioral pattern in the mind. We call it Mind Zoning®.

I’m about to share with you a super-easy tip you can use to support your own weight loss efforts without ever dieting.

Most of my friends have heard this story but I wanted to share it here and get it out to a broader audience in hopes that will help you on your weight-loss journey. In 2010 I was working to drop the remaining 30-pounds I had left to reach my goal weight. I was working out six hours a week eating a maximum of 1,500 cal a day. And I wasn’t losing a pound.

Feeling completely frustrated I sought the advice of a naturopath to understand what was happening with my body. After some testing that came back normal, she suggested my inability to lose weight was actually in my head. This made no sense to me is everything that I knew about weight loss was related to calories in and calories out. A mathematical equation. I had no idea at the time how powerful the mind was.
She asked me to reflect back on the time when I was last at that weight that I found myself stuck. She predicted I had suffered some sort of trauma at that weight and the emotional distress was causing me to hold onto it.

Subconscious Weight Loss

With just a pen and pad of paper, I was asked to set the intention of asking my mind why I was holding onto the weight. She then had me pick up the pen with my non-dominant (left) hand to write down the first things that came to mind. She cautioned me not to judge what came to my mind, but to just free flow write with my left hand whatever was that came up.

Some nonsense came to mind at first that made me laugh, but I wrote them down as instructed. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks – so clear, so hard, so fast. I wrote down the word “punishment.” It quickly came to me what I was punishing myself for – something I’d deeply regretted doing that was out of my character. Because of that wrong doing, I believed I was not worthy of losing the weight, attracting love into my life, or having a high self-esteem and therefore I created a way to prevent that – through my weight.

That very afternoon I was able to process all I was thinking and feeling about the situation and I forgave myself, having acknowledged I’d suffered enough.

What was even more shocking was the very next day I started to lose weight again. It was incredible. It was as if this physical release was happening just as I’d done in my mind and heart. The burden was gone.

How does subconscious weight loss work?

What was it about using my left hand that brought out those thoughts? It was a form of hypnosis as I’d accessed my subconscious mind. Even with my eyes wide open I was able to enter a “trance” state. You see, hypnosis is just that – a highly focused, concentrated state of mind where you’re accessing information and memories at a subconscious level. I was so focused on writing the words with my left hand because I had to concentrate to make every letter legible. Because of that, I was accessing my deepest wisdom.

What’s incredible about this technique is you can use it for anything that you need to tap into your subconscious for to receive information. Maybe it’s a really hard decision you’re trying to make. Maybe it’s understanding what your mental blocks are preventing you from achieving your goals. You can use this technique whenever you need it. It’s free. It’s easy. And it works.

3 basic steps for Mind Zoning® for weight loss:

  • Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths to clear your mind
  • Ask your subconscious to prepare the insights and understanding you need for your question and/or dilemma
  • Open your eyes and write everything down using your non-dominant hand

Sample Mind Zoning®

If you’re new to meditation or have a very active mind, sometimes a guided audio recording can help so you can follow along more easily, with less distractions. You can sample Mind Zoning® with our Healthy Suggestion Surge, which provides 15 positive affirmations to get your mind in the zone!